Сar Rental

rent a car in SochiSochi is a city of contrasts, attractions and beautiful places that I want to explore as much detail as possible, to preserve the memory of the pleasant memories and impressions. To explore and beautiful facilities built for the Olympic games, it is difficult without a personal vehicle. That is why we recommend to use the services of a rental vehicle, so you can move freely in the city and its surroundings and to be able to enjoy all the surrounding beauty.

Many tourists choose to travel to the coast by train, plane, combining this with the convenience, comfort and lack of responsibility.

Сar rental in Sochi

Tourists on personal vehicles occur, but rarely. And them some degree of luck – there is always a chance to break away and explore the coastal line of the Black sea.
And what about those who do not have personal transportation available? But there is a way – and it is absolutely legitimate – car hire in Sochi!

The service is popular among tourists, as it always involves the ability to freely travel in and around the city in a rented car.

Organize rest comfortably, rent a car!

Car hire in Sochi is provided by our company on favorable terms. To each client applies an individual approach, the machine chosen taking into account the wishes and financial possibilities.
In your own fleet in the presence of more than ten cars, luxury, and economy options that will be affordable for every vacationer.

Vehicles are in good condition, regularly pass inspection. You may not have to worry about that in the way the machine will stop and You have to look for the possibility of its repair. Such scripts are completely excluded, as we take a responsible approach to the repair, diagnosing and providing a vehicle to the lessee. Note that in the fleet all cars are “young” in operation for less than five years.

Why trust us?

  • a large fleet of cars issued in car
  • cost of services
  • best deals for regular customers, as well as for those who take the car for long term rent
  • ability hourly rental
  • individual approach to each client