Limousine hire

rent a limousine Sochilimo / town car service in Sochi – a service that is in high demand for local residents and visiting this wonderful city tourists, vacationers and businessmen.

Limousines are available in our fleet are not only presentable appearance, the minimum period of operation, but also the availability of the lease.

Limousine is a universal vehicle for people accustomed to individuality

Want to impress your girlfriend? Arrange a date with her in the limo, with beautiful music, a bouquet of flowers and visiting the most beautiful places of the city and its surroundings. The meeting will be an unforgettable gift and the new trend in relations.

Visit the town during business meetings? One can hardly imagine a respectable, self-confident businessman, who arrived at the meeting place on conventional cars. Limousine is not a luxury, it only underlines the status of the person, his serious intentions, and confidence. Moreover, in our fleet presents limousines for different purposes, ranging from ceremonial trips around town and to meetings of officials of other countries, businessmen and representatives of the entertainment industry.

limousine rentals in Sochi in our company: benefits!

Each vehicle before it is transferred to the lessee, goes through a thorough diagnostic inspection for serviceability of all mechanisms to avoid breakage in transit. We also provide personal driver with years of experience, highly qualified, honest and accurate, which will bring its customers at any specified location in the shortest time.

The cost of the services available to the public. Given that most limousine rentals in Sochi arranged for big companies, it is easy to calculate the rent for one person. From the calculations it becomes clear that to rent a limousine advantageous. Large capacity of these machines allows to avoid additional rental or operation of other vehicles. This is especially true for small weddings, parties, meetings with friends, organizing city tours in comfortable conditions. Rent absolutely any limousine, starting with the simplest and ending with the option of business class. Each machine has leather seats, lighting, audio and video equipment, bar, air conditioning. Spend your vacation with benefit!