Rent of helicopters

rent a helicopterhelicopter rental in Sochi is only a few companies. And this is not surprising, as this type of transport is expensive and available only to units. But if you travel through the countryside in the company of friends, the cost does not seem so expensive and quite affordable to many.

If you want to fully enjoy your vacation in Sochi, to explore its surroundings from a bird’s eye view, to receive a charge of vivacity and adrenaline, you should take the service of renting a helicopter.
It is an unforgettable experience, an incredible experience and opportunity to enjoy the holiday in full.

Our company provides rental helicopters in Sochi. Long period of activity helped to get us a good reputation from locals and visitors alike.
Each air vehicle is carefully monitored by our technicians, with the objective of avoiding the emergence of problems in flight and emergency situations.
We take full responsibility for the vessel, rent and hire.

Advantages of renting helicopters are:

fast shipping from one point to another
high speed several times higher than the vehicle speed
there is no need to stand in traffic jams
the opportunity to get even to the point where it is difficult to drive a conventional motor vehicle
the best air over long distances (within a radius of 200-300 kilometers) when travel time by car is very long and difficult

Spend an unforgettable day in the company of your loved one or friends – book helicopter rental in Sochi and enjoy your stay! Feel at one with the sky, experience the incredible emotions of feeling, make unique pictures of your flight.

It is unlikely journey you will ever forget! Such experiences are never forgotten!
By the way, today hire service helicopter popular among young couples. I want to make an offer hands and hearts original and memorable? Then arrange a romantic rendezvous in the air the pilot will develop together with you the route to travel left only pleasant emotions and impressions, and the girl with the affected senses told you “Yes!”.