Yacht Charter

rent a yacht in SochiExamination of the surroundings of the Sochi sea coast is impossible without boats or yachts. Of course, you can enjoy the beauty of sitting in a catamaran or being content with a five-minute jet skiing. But those feelings are nothing compared with those that will accompany you throughout the boat trips on the boat or yacht. Given the fact that the majority of tourists arrive in Sochi is not for one day or even one week, it makes sense to use such services as rental boats and yachts in Sochi. Maybe someone will find it expensive, but actually the cost of the service is quite affordable even for middle income tourists.

rent a yacht in Sochi pleasure cheap!

Yacht and even a boat can accommodate three people or more, so it is easy to calculate how much will the rent, if the sum is divided by all the rest.

You will not be able to fully enjoy and appreciate its usefulness, if not will cruise across the waters! Beautiful nature, amazing landscapes will open to you during your stay. You can fully immerse yourself in the world of pleasant sensations and impressions, resting on the sea surface and not thinking absolutely nothing!

Moreover, it is to rent a boat or yacht is much cheaper than to go on a boat trip on the boat tour company, and when the walk will be limited and depend on you will. And why is it necessary? When you can safely go to our company and to take to rent a boat, paying as few hours rest and a few days.

What we can offer to our customers?

  • Optimal choice of boats.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Individual approach to each client.
  • Ability hourly/daily rent.
  • Discounts and bonuses for regular customers.
  • the Decision concerning the granting of a personal driver to control swimming tool.

Rental boats and yachts in Sochi is based only on the conclusion of the contract that spells out the terms of the lease, the liability of each party. Before floating the tool will be transferred to the lessee, it will conduct a thorough briefing on safety, will give out rescue on water and so on.

Arrange your loved one an unforgettable date – meet in a rented yacht. Candles, nice music, incredible emotions and feelings of freedom, unity and love is an individual and not like the dozens of other appointment you will be provided!